Thursday, August 27, 2009

Updated power point and slideshare combining voicethread.

Below is a copy of my "Taste Bud" PowerPoint, I have added voice to it via Voice thread. This was a little tricky to start with and I was not able to upload my PowerPoint to slideshare at first. I had to go back in and change my PowerPoint and save these slides individually and then upload again. I had fun creating it, although a little frustrating at times. I feel the end result is acceptable however I admit that the information you are going to talk about or discuss has to be collated and at your finger tips for a more professional and continual presentation. I am sure with more practice I could master this tool relatively easy and I would feel confident in incorporating this type of strategy within my classroom.

A comprehensive task/assessment for high school hospitality students to undertake would be firstly to have a tour of a industrial kitchen. I would direct them to take photos under the permission of the establishment, these images would specifically consider hygiene within the environment. Areas of example would be; personal hygiene, possible contamination of food, cross contamination of a work station (raw and cooked items on the same board), together with observation of non kitchen staff entering the kitchen and their habits (touching and eating of food, processing of orders etc).

When students arrive back at school these photos would be gathered on the school computer and uploaded into flickr for example. The students would then work in groups of three to four and create a slideshare/voicethread of these observations detailing areas of concern, and present this back to the class. The opening slide will also need to have music attached so downloading from iTunes or Incompetech, or perhaps using their own music which has been saved on their ipods would be a necessity.

This assessment has the ability to incorporate most of Gardeners theory of multiple intelligences (Birmingham City Council, 2009) which are; Kinaesthetic - Linguistic - Logical - Intrapersonal-Interpersonal - Musical - and Visual/Spatial, I have not included Naturalistic. This teaching strategy also incorporates most of the learning styles Felder and Solomon(2009), have outlined.


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