Friday, July 31, 2009

Wedding Cake

This is a cake I created for my sisters wedding. It was a triple layer mud cake. The bottom layer was dark, the middle layer was caramel and the top layer was white. It had ganache on the outside and the hearts are made from white chocolate. On the top was a basket filled with a variet of delectable homemade truffles. Most of the cakes I have made for celebrations have mainly been for family and friends, I have made alot of cakes at work but find it difficult to charge people for something that I love to do. I can't wait to be able to teach and demonstrate to my future students some of the skills I have acquired.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Multiple intelligences

I found the multiple intelligence test to be very beneficial and rather interesting. By taking this test I was able to ascertain what areas I learn best in, these areas a divided into the following: Kinaesthetic - Body Smart Linguistic - Word Smart
Logical - Number Smart Interpersonal - People Smart
Intrapersonal - Myself Smart Musical - Music Smart
Visual/Spatial - Picture Smart Naturalistic - Nature Smart (Birmingham City Council, 2009).

I scored extremely high in the naturalistic, closely followed by intrapersonal, interpersonal and kinesthetic. Linguistic was about 75% with music lower than expected considering I can play by ear (piano,recorder), after further discussion with my lecturer and peers I was able to understand that being music smart means that you best learn through music orientated tasks or when for example people like to have music in the background when studying it would probably indicate that they need this to better retain and process this information . Maths was no surprise though. I did not however endeavour to partake in the emotional intelligence; I didn't like some of the questions, I think I know in myself though that I find it hard to divulge too much information about myself depending on the company of course, I really have to get to know people generally to build up the trust factor.

This will be a great site for assessing student profiles, which comes under phase 1 of the schematic organiser created by Lynch (1998, cited in CQUniversity, 2009), when determining what lesson plans or units of work to create. This is an essential phase which helps determine how my learners learn best and what prior knowledge they have.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Technology and Enterprise Resource Site.

Food Technology

Site for food Technology.

Finger on the pulse.

Have I ever used this type of technology before? ‘NO’!

But thanks to the course I have undertaken this term I have a feeling this will not be the only form of technology I will be utilising. The capabilities of using a Blog as a device are substantial in the fact that you are able to publish your work directly. These posts can be as short or long as you want them to be and can be performed in a casual or more official manner. For the purpose of this course my blog or posts will be a little bit of both. According to Support (2009), ‘blogging is about reading and writing, literacy is about reading and writing, blogging is about literacy. Surely blogging is a tool to enable, shape and enhance metacognition in everyone who uses it and especially in our youth.

Within the classroom (Blogger in the classroom, 2009), technology like this can be used for teachers to:
• Post resources, lessons, and homework.
• Keep parents up-to-date on class happenings.
• Reflect on their own teaching practices and share
their ideas with other educators.
Students can:
• Share schoolwork with their peers, parents, and others.
• Collaborate on projects and get feedback from others.
• Keep a reflective journal throughout the school year.

Definitely food for thought here.



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