Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My first avatar

This is my first ever attempt on creating an avatar. I found this site and process to be user friendly and I had alot of fun, and a good laugh at the end result. I can see many applications for this technology within the classroom, predominantly using it as part of the hook of a lesson. I have a feeling that students would also be able to use this within their own assignments or presentations. Great visualisation and audio lending itself to enhance children with learning difficulties too!

Current technology offers students a plethora of extremely valuable tools they can use to gain knowledge of on their own (Prensky, 2008). These Vokis are so easy to create that teachers would only need to direct their pupils to the website and let them explore for themselves.

Students must create an Avatar as part of the power point presentation. This Avatar needs to have a greeting, highlight to its viewers what the topic of the presentation will be and who the presentation was made by. The last slide would have an Avatar embedded in it as well directing its viewers to the conclusion of the presentation and move them towards question time.


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  1. Hi Loretta,

    I like your VOKI, and I agree, I think if students could use these in some of their assignments, it would make for some very interesting assignments. I also had fun with these, I sent a few out to friends just to play around.