Saturday, August 22, 2009

Google Earth

Google Earth
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This is a photo of Emerald, Qld. Awesome or what?


WOW! I am a very visual person and I did not know what to expect when I first entered this site, and to be honest I was blown away by the imagery. To be able to see how each stage can be built upon is amazing and there are so many levels to choose from. You can search any location in the world or universe, find businesses or directions, it has a GPS, flight simulator and you can even record a tour. The technology is user friendly which lends itself to all ages and would be able to be used in History, SOSE and Geography subjects just to name a few. When I have more time available I will definitely be re-visiting this site to discover its true capabilities.

Active learning leads to effective and efficient teaching and learning and relates to Dales cone theory (Active learning online, 2000). The task I would assign my students that encompasses this theory would be to take a trip around the world in seven days. Places to visit are; Paris, Rome, Sydney, New York, Hong Kong, Auckland and London. On their trip they have to discover how many restaurants are in those cities, the distance they have travelled and also take a tour of the main streets. This information would then be compiled and presented back to the class.

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