Friday, August 21, 2009


This is a video I found on you tube, it is a quirky song about how bacteria can harm you. This will be useful in showing to students to enlighten them how bacteria is spread and what we should do to prevent contamination and bacterial growth. This application has many positives going for it and can also be used either at the start of lessons, embedded into power point presentations or even used to start discussions. I have also started uploading some more videos for use within schools on food handling practices on my wetpaint account.

Students could be directed to useful video links within my Wetpaint site, comment on these viewings and upload another video on a similar topic. I could envisage some great conversations taking place with peers on this one!

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Winter,C. (2007, October 16). Microbes they might kill you [video]. Retrieved August 21, 2009, from

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