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I did not realise that you could find the following in wikipedia: If you google wikipedia and then click on show options, the following sub headings come up.
Videos Forums

Wikipedia is also a useful site to find resources to incorporate into teaching, the students would also find this website useful for projects.

These are a couple of items I found which I will be useful in using when I go back and do my second prac in October. The students and I will be able to incorporate and use these sites in their Nutrition classes.

By: - Food

Another use for teachers would be to create school based wikis like that used in wetpaint. Moderators would be able to allow students to contribute and can set guidelines/rules to keep the information correct and avoid copyright infringements (CQUniversity, 2009). This is so important to remember because there is concern for the use of Wikipedia as a reliable source when researching for information. However, Wikipedia ( 2008), has listed some trusted sites they recommend which are;,, , and .

Technology supplies an electronic source of acquiring knowledge that provides the type of inventiveness and communication required to nurture engagement (Kearsley & Shneiderman, 1999). By asking my students to undertake tasks/homework for the week via a wiki would foster a sense of trust both for my students and for me, and create a set of skills for the students to hopefully not only engage them in their learning but direct them towards higher order learning, which will eventually flow over into every aspect of their lives.


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