Thursday, August 27, 2009

Media Fire

MediaFire allows you to store all your files online for easy secure access and enables you to distribute large files to hundreds or thousands of people without clogging inboxes or bogging down your website.
(MediaFire, 2009).

The benefits of MediaFire is you can upload and store:

Media files and images
Free Features
Unlimited storage
Up to 100MB per file
Unlimited uploads
Unlimited downloads
Unlimited bandwidth
Image galleries
No sign up required
No software to install (MediaFire, 2009).

I found this site to be extra user friendly and was able to upload a couple of files, here is my URL

I would think apart from a great resource for teachers and other members of the public, students could also use this technology to either access their future projects or possibly be able to upload photos from there school camps and excursions.

Students written assignments could be uploaded into their free account for safe keeping, and they could also store a a copy of the resources used and websites visited just in case they were to lose their original.

Great free resource!
Cheers Loretta.


MediaFire. (2009). Retrieved August 26, 2009, from

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