Monday, August 24, 2009

Power point

I have created power points before but for this exercise I chose to make one covering the topic of 'taste buds'. I have included a youTube clip, sound at different stages and it is very visual. Please feel free to view this presentation in my Mahara account.

Power point presentations when done correctly can scaffold the students learning. The presentation can also be stopped or paused which allows for other activities/tasks or open ended questioning to take place.

At the end of this presentation to allow for all learner types to learn and retain information effectively I would go on to do an activity with different food items and have the students explain or describe what the food is like. For example aroma, flavour, appearance and texture.

The following site also allows you to view how to make a power point presentation, this would be a valuable activity for students to undertake and has easy to follow instructions allowing for users of a young age to create a presentation of their very own.

This fits in with Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model (Felder, Brent, 2005), and Gardners multiple intelligences theories (2006).


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