Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rough draft of unit of work

Copyrite: Loretta Kreis
Unit of work.

Lesson (1)
Need for food.
In groups research this topic and collaboratively respond.
Brainstorm/ mindmap
Video, take notes answer question sheet.

Lesson (2)
Classification of functions. Social/family.
View the supplied presentation and reflect, post these reflections onto blog.
Types of functions
Power point.
Written task
Lesson (3)
Senses and palate.
View the supplied presentation and reflect on this.
Power point.
Written task.

Senses and palate.
View the supplied presentation and reflect on this.
Power point.
Written task.

Lesson (5)
Senses and palate.
After this session today, post your comments on your experiences.
Blindfold: taste test, describe (written: aroma, texture, flavour, appearance).

Lesson (6)
Students’ cooking.
Multi-cultural Hor deourves. Teacher to take photos and place onto Flickr, students to retrieve and place into picnic to enhance, upload back into Flickr, place into file and then upload into blog. Post reflection also.

Lesson (7)
Food presentation
Students explore the Flickr site for examples of presentation of food items.
Variety, arrangement , Colour/texture.

Lesson (8)
Lesson Teacher demonstration.
You Tube presentation.
Cooking, plate for presentation.

Lesson (9)
Overview of unit. Discuss written and practical exam, with peers and staff.
Lesson (10)
Students work on practical assessment piece.
Choose dishes/work plan/audience. Place these work plans onto the Wiki.

Lesson (11) Teacher to video students and upload this as a digital story with narration and comments for students. Students to respond after viewing.
Students’ cooking. Prac assessment.
Plate for presentation.
Lesson (12)
Classmarker Theory exam. Written assessment. Multiple choice/short answers.

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