Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Digital Storytelling

Mathew Needleman 2003-2008
Needleman's statement says it all with this technology, the massive array of free tools available within all of the links was incredible, to be honest I did not go into all of them there were so many but the sites I did visit gave me great insight into how this technology could be utilised by teachers and students. Focusing on experiential and self-directed learning ( Kearsley & Shneiderman, 1999), together incorporating Gardners multiple intelligences and Felder and Soloman learning styles and temperaments, digital storytelling would have the capability of engaging all students of all ages (big 'kids' too) if you know what I mean.

This could be used for practical assessment pieces for students to work collaboratively on in small groups. I would have students' choose from three tasks of:
A). Interview of staff in an industrial kitchen, in regards to hygiene/food presentation.
B). Pro's and con's of fast food.
C). Healthy choices.

After choosing which topic they will work on the students have to either take photos of these areas (with permission), and form a story of their findings. Submit this back to the class for assessment and student appraisal. Perhaps this task could also involve uploading it into their blogs for feedback from peers that way!


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